Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Here We Go Again: The New Year's Weekend Blog

I got off at 7 PM, and I chilled out. Shout out to my big brother for the late Christmas gift: Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds. Hey, I like it!!!! Other than that, it was wrestling on TV and DVDs.

I got off work at 3 PM, went to the comic book store, went to Wal-Mart and got my mom a birthday gift. I got her the movie The Gospel on DVD. Next, I went to Target and bought the Mos Def's new CD, Tru3 Magic. Later, I went to the Wingate Inn on Germantown Parkway thinking that there would be a wrestling show there. There wasn't, I called my buddy Clint and learned that the event had been cancelled. BOOO!!! I went home, and vegged out in front of the TV and ordered pizza.


I chilled out, went out to my parents' house to celebrate my mom's birthday for a little while, then I drove back to Memphis and hung out over my partner Shomari's house for a few hours. They were watching Mission:Impossible II. I hadn't seen that movie since its theatrical release in 2000, so it was almost like watching it for the first time. I then watched part of M:I-3 before I bid adieu to everyone and made it to my next destination. I went to my friend Tamara Wicks' house. Shout out to Tamara, Rafael, Tam's baby girl Lex, Rudechild and his wife, Clint and his wife, and others that came through. Rudechild and I got in a heated argument about music, but we came to an understanding. I left there about 3 AM, made it home about 4 AM. It was a pretty cool New Year's Eve/New Year's Day.


I slept. I was drained. I could not move. I watched another beltated Christmas present: Idlewild on DVD. It's a musical starring the rap duo Outkast. I had seen the movie already, so that was cool, but the bonus features sucked!!! Two deleted scenes and 2 music videos?! No making of, behind the scenes, or commentary from video director-turned movie director Bryan Barber and/or Outkast?! That wasn't cool. I still like the movie, though.

Yes, this weekend was relatively uneventful, but at least I got some rest. I assume that I'll be burning the midnight oil soon enough. Be easy, readers....and Happy New Year!!!!


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