Monday, February 05, 2007

Birthdays, Work, and the Super Bowl: The Weekend Wrap-Up


It was a snow day at work, but I could not rest, people kept calling!! I was invited to a "surprise" celebration for my friend Paul Briggs. I made it to Bennigan's by 5:31 PM, and it was scheduled for 6 PM. I was there, so I called my homeboy Chazz and reserved a table for 10. He didn't show up until 6:15. He then left to get someone else. I was a little nervous because we didn't actually start ordering food until like 7 PM. That's how long it took everyone to get there. We ended up with 7 people. It was cool, it was good to see Chazz and Terrence again. I also met this new guy named James. He was cool. The only low point is that when Paul and I talked about our Anti-Valentine's Day poems, this one girl called me pathetic. I had to catch myself. The old me would've cursed her out, but I'm trying to be nice. I feel like I've given that day too much power. I probably won't write one this year.

Back at work (BOOOO!), I dropped my buddy "Uncle" Marvin Skinner off at his crib, ran a few errands, and caught up with the winner of "Most Promising Filmmaker" at last year's Indie Memphis Film Festival, Rod Pitts ( We were looking for clothes for my character in his next short. I can't really get into details, but it should be cool. We also went to Hepzibah's, and we found out that the fact that their location was featured in What Goes Around got back to them. That was cool. We ate, then went to Target and a few more places. I ended the evening at Jordan's Karaoke Bar. I performed "Thriller" with my dog Ricki and his buddy, then I performed "I Just Wanna Love You" by Jay-Z. I also performed N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" with my good buddy Bust Boy, I forget his real name, he busts tables at Jordan's. I had an upset stomach, so I headed back home after that.


I hung out with my good buddy Bryan Newcomb (Divine Manipulation of the Threads), who was back in town for a few days. Bryan has a habit of saying that one stupid thing that'll make me laugh when I'm sad. We went to a few stores, and then he and his buddy Mike trailed me to by friend Shomari's house for the Super Bowl party. Bryan had more people to see, so he left at halftime. Bryan said that for the most part he likes it in Atlanta and he can't move back. There's "nothing to do here", as he put it. Okay, here's my Super Bowl summary: Congratuations to the Colts, they beat the Bears. Yay. I respect the Colts, I respect Payton Manning for finally winning the "Big One", and I am glad that an African-American (and Christian) coach won the Super Bowl. Payton's still a former Vol, and UT-Knoxville is the Devil's University. Yeah, I said it!!! All you Vol cans can go in a corner and slap yourself repeatedly.

That was pretty much the end of my evening. Oh, yeah, I don't care what anybody says Prince rocked that halftime show. I cannot discuss music with anyone if we cannot agree on 4 things: 1) The greatness that is Michael Jackson's Off The Wall 2) The greatness that is Michael Jackon's Thriller 3)The greatness that is Prince Rogers Nelson (Prince for short) 4) The greatness that is Donny Hathaway. If you don't see the truth in those statements, you don't know music. "Gee, Markus, those are pretty bold statements, buddy, I don't know..." If you disagree, hey, it's your right to be totally wrong. If you want to voice your opinions, get your own blog and go to town. Be easy, readers.


At 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was the score of the last Vols-Tigers football game...sounds like envy more than hate.

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