Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Random Items:1/17/2007

1: Shout out to Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson for their Golden Globe wins for Dreamgirls. Shout out to Sacha Baron Cohen for winning for Borat. Shout out to Hugh Laurie for winning for House...a damn good show!!! Another equally deserving Golden Globe goes to Kyra Sedgwick for The Closer. I am also glad that Grey's Anatomy won, and that America Ferrera won for Ugly Betty. Alec Baldwin also deserved his Golden Globe for 30 Rock, and I can only hope that Martin Scorsese's win for Best Director for The Departed will be a precursor to the Academy Awards. If I may quote last year's host, John Stewart, "Martin Scorsese 0, Three Six Mafia 1". Either I'm growing up or the Golden Globes are dumbing down, but I don't remember watching so many critically acclaimed shows before. I guess I could only watch so much wrestling and Power Rangers before I began to crave variety.

2: Rod Pitts is one of the winners in the Black Snake Moan trailer contest. There was a contest for fans to make their own trailers for Craig Brewer's next movie. Fortunately, my film mentor (Rod Pitts) saw fit to have me play the role of Samuel Jackson in his trailer. I am very appreciative. Rod always has my back, but will tell me when I am dead wrong. You can't ask for much more in a friend. Pittstop Productions, baby!!! Here is the trailer:

3: Muhammad Ali turns 65 today. Ali and Hulk Hogan are the inspirations for my "King Indie" title. I enjoy their penchant for fanfare and trash talking, and how they said something, then backed it up. I wish there were a cure for Parkinson's disease so Ali, Michael J. Fox, and others who suffer from this disease could be freed from its debilitating symptoms.

4: Be easy, readers!!!


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