Monday, January 29, 2007

Filming, Parties, Performance, and Karaoke: The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, chilled out, took a nap, got up, did a little shopping, and saw Smokin' Aces. I was a little disappointed. Common, one of my favorite rappers, was good in his first film role. Alicia Keys was cool, Taraji P. Henson (Hustle and Flow, Four Brothers), Jason Bateman (Silver Spoons, Arrested Development), and Ryan Reynolds (Waiting, Blade:Trinity) were good, but the plot was all over the place. The action and violence were good, though.


I got off work and headed to the Media Co-Op and played a small role in a trailer being created by Courdoroy Wednesday. They are submitting a "grindhouse" trailer for a fake movie to the Grindhouse contest. Grindhouse is a new film coming out directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez. Robert Rodriquez will show the best trailers at the South by Southwest Festival in March. Shout out to Edward Phillips of Courdoroy Wednesday and Jon Sparks (, who also played a role. Without giving away too much, I died. Again. I'm starting to develop a complex! Ever since the zombie film I was in this past summer, I keep dying in movies, short films, and "trailers". It was fun, though, and I hope it looks cool.

Later on, I went to Target and ran into my good friend Nantille Boards. He works for a moving company and is a physical trainer on the side. He was in this giveaway magazine called Memphis Fitness or something like that. Nantille's gotten buff. He was always in shape, but now hes' approaching "He-Man" status. And for the ladies out there, he's single and looking (I ain't no hater!)

Next, I went to the mall and ran into a former church member, Quincy Henderson. He's back in town, looking for a job (who isn't?) and trying to get out of Moscow, Tennessee, our home town. Moscow's a great place to retire too, but not a lot of opportunity for young men. We chewed the fat for a minute, he said somebody told him that I had written a book...maybe one day.

My next stop was a party at my girl Tamara's house. It was cool, but everybody was drinking (which I don't do) and talking about Memphis high school's (which I can't do...I grew up in Fayette County). I began feeling lonely in a crowded room, so I broke out and went to Precious Cargo and saw the Iron Mic Coalition's hip-hop show. Shout out to Ennis, Jason Harris Fyte Club, and MOS, the soloists and groups that comprise the IMC ( Afterwards, some of us went to Perkins on Poplar and chilled out and talked about hip-hop. It was good to see my IMC people again. It had been a while.


I went out to Moscow and got my new sticker for my license plate (my car's registered in Fayette County), new proof of insurance, and several dress shirts, slacks, sweaters, and a new leather coat. Thanks, Mom, you rule!!

I went back home, took a quick nap, then met up with Timm Scalita, Vineet Thapar, and the rest of the crew to finish up my scene in The Sick. I didn't die in this scene, although I already shot my death scene a few weeks ago (See what I'm talking about). It was cool, it was relatively quick, but cars and people kept coming by. I cannot wait until the day when I am on big-time movies that shout down streets. Until then, we make a way the best we can.

After that, I went over my friend Shomari's house and watched a wrestling pay-per-view. Then, I ended the night at Jordan's. I sang Outkast's "The Way You Move". It was okay. I also attempted Jamie Foxx's "Unpredictable". I was a little pitchy. It was cool, though.

This week, I should finally act in a parody of the Mac vs. PC commercial. Also, Rod Pitts ( wants me to play a role in his short for the Lil' Film Fest 5. The theme is a tribute to Craig Brewer. I'm looking forward to it. Be easy, readers!!


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