Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Watching Movies, Acting in Movies, and MLK: The Weekend Wrapup


I worked until 6 PM, chilled out, ordered pizza


I ran a few errands, arrived at Newby's at 6 PM, and eventually, the cast and crew of "The Sick" poured in. This segment was directed by Timm Scalita. I actually had to act like I was fighting someone. Vineet Thapar (Uri's Move) and Al Lahiri did the camera work. Chris Byerly was also helping out. We almost finished shooting my scene, but it started to rain. That sucked!!! We all went to Tracks and chilled out.


I met Chris Byerly at Newby's at 4 PM. I then rode with him to Dwayne Scott's house. Dwayne is a writer, director, and a GREAT special effects guy. He assisted Chris and I with Chris' segment for The Sick. In case you haven't guessed by now, it's a horror film. As the title suggests, it's sick. Let's just say that my character did some real bad things to himself, but I think it will look cool.

Afterwards, I went to Jordan's and sang a bit. I sang Al Green's "Love and Happiness", then I sang "Why Georgia" by John Mayer. I finished with "My Life" by Billy Joel.


I met up with my good buddy Steve aka Furious Stiles (yes, he's a rapper). He gave me some of his music, and we chatted about life and hip-hop. It was cool to chat with him. He has an album out now, and you can find out about this and hear songs at: www.myspace.com/furiousstiles1 .

After that, I went to an audition for Rommel's Crossroads. John Fuess is directing this one. We also worked on Mail Call, one of the many films that I've been in. He said he's heard me read before, so I didn't have to do it again. He talked about the film. It's set in the 40s in Tupelo. As you can probably guess, the African-American roles are not that glamorous. I like playing different types of characters, so I am up to the challenge. Hopefully, this project will get us all some exposure.

After that, I went to Jordan's, but they were closing soon because nobody was there: MLK Day was not very lucrative for them. So, I went to Ryan's Steakhouse and then I saw Dreamgirls. This movie is phenomenal!!!! Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson definitely deserve the Golden Globes that they received for their supporting roles. Jamie Foxx shines as well. Beyonce...was decent. It's a very good film!!!

Next on the horizon is finishing my part in Timm Scalita's segment of "The Sick", and hopefully acting in a parody of the "Mac vs. PC" commercials. The hustle continues. Be easy, readers!!!


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