Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Items and a Plug: 9/20/07

1. Kanye West's album Graduation sold WAAAYY more copies than 50 Cent's album Curtis. I bought Kanye's album, and I am glad. Kanye's arrogant, but 50's a bully. I don't like it when people try to bully others. I never have. It's nice to see the big, bad 50 taken down a peg. Of course, 50 still sold over 600,000 albums. That's not as many as Kanye (957,000), but he's not starving.

2. This is for my African-American brothers and sisters in Memphis. What is up with adding the word "slick" to every damn sentence?! For example: "I slick like that film", "I was slick trying to do that". You know what? I don't slick hate the use of that word, I utterly loathe and despise it. Did you do soemthing or didn't you?!! Commit, dammit!! Okay, end of rant.

3. Yes, I have another screening coming up. Yes, I will give you details below. Hey, I have to promote me. It's not like I have an agent (anymore). Be easy, readers!!!

Plug Time!!!

Lil' Film Fest 7: Rhymes with Pelvis

We're proud to announce "Li'l Film fest 7: Rhymes with Pelvis." This quarter we will be featuring a variety of short films focusing on...(shhh)...Elvis. We'll be showing the works of many festival veterans as well as some newcomers. So, come on out and show your support for local filmmakers!Li'l Film Fest is a quarterly, theme-based film festival, focusing on highlighting our local talent while showcasing interesting happenings around town. Our goal is to encourage and inspire Memphis filmmakers while engaging a local audience in order to strengthen our artistic community.
The Short & Sweet:
Theme: Rhymes With Pelvis
Duration: 5 minutes or less
Festival Date: September 22, 2007 / 2pm
FestivalLocation: Media Co-Op (1000 S. Cooper), located in the basement of First Congregational Presbyterian Church.


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