Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Family reunitings Part Deux; Director's Cut (Includes Extended July 4 Recap)

On Saturday after work, I had lunch with my boy Ken. My partners Ennis and Kevin Youngblood were dining at Perkins and joined us. We chopped it up for a minute, ya know. After that, I went and got a haircut. You know I gotta stay fresh to def! Then, I went to the Oak Court Mall and got my t-shirt game on. I got a Nike joint, a Beastie Boys, then a Billy Holiday and a John Coltrane. My t-shirt game is tight!!!! What!!! Okay, I'll calm down. Then, I rolled by this Breaking the Cage concert. They're doing the music for Third Wheel Date, a movie that I am working on. I just came to give this guy named Will his security items back. Oh, how I miss that billy club, flashlight, and handcuffs. I felt so gangsta!!!!! We chopped it up for a minute, then I saw this play called The Question of Color. It concerned an interracial marriage back in frontier times. It starred the lovely and talented Krissi Cain, who will be in the next Pittstop Production. That's my boy Rod's production company. I showed up to see a good play and to be the PR person. I assured her that we will work with her. It's just that we're working on two different movies at the same time. I kept it moving. Sunday, I went to Family Reunion Church Service. Later on, the family reconvened over one of my uncle's houses. It was cool, but I felt restless and out of place. I'm a little obsessed now. It's like I have to be creating something. Later on that night, Bryan and I went to this guy named Gerard's house party. It was cool, but we broke out by 1 AM. I built with this guy named Jerald about not letting stuff hold him back. He seemed to want to do creative things, but he also seemed to be his biggest obstacle. I told him to keep going and to "forget gravity". I will explain it in my next blog. I also built with Bryan's friend Paul who is living in LA and working as an actor and poet. He will be on Def Jam soon, but, alas, I have no HBO. I built with him on knowing when it's time to make the big move to LA. He said that you'll know, and the hardest thing is making the move. I also built about Hendrix, Prince, and Common, some very good artists. If you don't know who Common is, slap yourself, google, and run to your nearest record store and buy Be. We broke out the party, bought things for our cookout, and I must put Bryan on blog blast. He was a little buzzed, he was telling corny jokes, and he actually jumped in the air and clicked his heels. Monday, I made it to Bryan's around 2. Our boy Paul Briggs came through. The homegirl Arnita (Westwood!) came through for a minute. Also, Bryan's church members. Bryan's fan broke. I told the infamous they broke out my back window and put a pumpkin in the driver's seat story. I would elaborate, but that story will go in a screenplay somewhere. People started breaking out. I met up with Mario to record an audition tape for this radio spot. I was somewhere in Frazier. It fell through, but the guy made nice beats. I will try to get a beat CD for use in our next film. Believe you me, it was hot! Mario, myself, and his son Zion then went to Hooter's downtown, where his girlfriend worked. First time in Hooters; did not know they had a children's menu. The wind and rain were crazy last night. We broke out back to Mario's place and I revised my resume. It was raining bad and he asked me if I wanted to wait the rain out. I could not stay in Harbor Town any longer. I needed to go back to my side of town. I broke out, eventually headed back to Bryan's house. It was like Armageddon outside. Or Waterworld. I made it back to Bryan's. We built for a minute. He says that I don't need love. I say don't tell me that the mountain ain't crap when I've always been in the valley. He says I'm comic relief. I said that I have layers. He said that I was an orange. I said some things that I won't repeat here. Okay, let's recap:
Beastie Boys shirt: $5.46
Nike shirt: $5.46
Billy Holiday and Coltrane tees: $28.82
Gerard's party: 2 bags of ice
Building, hanging with my family, friends, the COG (Children of God) All-Stars, watching Hooters Girls in action, and the smile on Zion's face: priceless.

Ya'll be extra easy. Or over easy, whichever comes first. Oh, yeah, the Luther tribute is completed. Hopefully, it'll be coming out soon.


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