Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sleep is Overrated

Still more crazy days. I went downtown Monday night. Rod and Keenon wrapped up filming on their project for that night. Rod and I tried to film something, but people didn't come through. He wound up making my headshots for me. Then, we began the odyssey of finding a 24-hour Kinko's. I dropped him off, made it home late, woke up about 9AM. Last night, went home, went to sleep about midnight. Woke up at 7 Am, was at Rod's place by 9:30 Am. We shot scenes with Pat, our lead person. Pat's a cool dude. He's a tailor and he's very busy with alterations. I had to leave and get to work today. Tonight, we'll be at it again. We have a few days to make that July 15 deadline. I pray that we are successful. Gotta stay focused and get into work mode now. Boy, multitasking's a beast!!!! But I love cinema!!! Plus, I'm not a quitter. And, I have a few doubters to prove wrong. Indie Memphis Film Festival, here we come. Be easy.


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