Monday, August 01, 2005

Filming and Sharing the Vision

Rod and I worked on Keenon's film yesterday. We filmed at his assistant Ann's house. The shoot went pretty well. I had other people assisting with lighting, and we pretty much used natural sound, so I didn't have to hold that long boom mic. YAAAYY! I thought that I might have to play the mentally challenged character again, so I shaved the goatee. No such luck. I am now "naked faced", as the homegirl Arnita (Westwooood!) called me the last time I shaved. After the shoot, Rod and I really got insight into Keenon's vision. He talked of living in California and becoming a regular and then a production assistant on The Parkers. He talked of not being able to really do plays because he had to be there for his daughter, Ashley. Ashely is an up-and-coming singer. She is a cool kid! Keenon talked about people who toil in Cali for years without getting a SAG card. SAG stands for Screen Actors Guild. You cannot work in Hollywood without it. He also showed us some scenes from the movie. He also played us some songs for the movie. Background music and actual songs. He had lyrics scribbled down on paper. I also tried freestyling over some of his beats. I did okay. I hope to be on the soundtrack. That would rock. I was glad to get a greater understanding of Mr. Nikita. Nikita Entertainment is gonna blow people away when he fully realizes his vision. I am also grateful to him for helping me break my cycle of goofy/angry characters. My mentally challenged character does not speak, but I feel that it shows my versatility. Me and my crews are gonna make it. Shout out to Pittstop Productions, Nikita Films, Hello Kid Productions, Cowboy Up Productions, and the upcoming Seaberry Boy Productions. Let's make it happen, people! Be easy.


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