Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The (Delayed) Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday, I sat around waiting for a shoot to happen on Keenon's film. Nothing happened. I went to a party with some friends from the 48 Hour Film Project that I did. It was pretty cool. We hung out, watched DVDs, kicked it with Arnold Edward's girlfriend Dayna (Fayette County! What!) and chilled out. Saturday, I got off work, hung out at the mall, then picked Rod up so we could shoot over Keenon's house. Nazee held the mic. I tripped out with Keenon's daughter Ashley, gave this guy named Hank a hard time for wearing Cincinatti (Memphis alumni, baby) and tripped out with the homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) She s trying to get information for her film. She wants to base out characters off of real life experiences. Sunday, Rod and I shot more scenes with the little girl playing Ashley in Keenon's movie. Between Westwood, Ashley, Selina (movie Ashley), and Sydney, Selina's sister, there was a lot of diva action going on those two days. I also held the mic for scenes last night and this morning. I'm one tired dude. I'm almost gonna be glad to get away. I have to go on a business trip for Strayer. Planes (boo) and hotels (yay!). It should be cool. Of course, Friday is back to filming. We'll get done some day, God willing. Of course, then it'll bbe on to other projects. Be nice to go on a date and see a movie sometime. Maybe by Christmas it'll happen. Everything comes second to the dream. Be easy.


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