Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Real G-Unit!

Forget 50 Cent and those guys, Nikita Entertainment and Pittstop Productions are the real G-Unit. We're guerilla filmmakers, baby! Permits? We don't need no stinking permits! Rod, Keenon, and I bumrushed a fieldhouse at a certain university and shot a scene where Keenon plays basketball and chats with his fiance. We found a beautiful, friendly lady named Ruth to play his fiance. She's a novice at acting, but she hung in there. Afterwards, we shot at Southland Mall in the lobby area. We shot with Ruth, the young girl playing Keenon's daughter, and the homegirl Arnita (Westwood!) came through again on some last minute fill-in type stuff. She played an old friend of Ruth's in a scene. They were good. I sucked as a sound man, however. My arm and hand kept dropping. I guess I should do more sit-ups or something. We made it, through, though, in spite of me. We will have to ADR everythign because of the music and vacuum cleaners and rambunctious mallgoers. We finished that scene in an hour. That was cool. Then, I went to Arnold Edward's birthday party. I'm glad I've met new people, because I've certainly alienated my old friends, but that's another story.
Auditions and scenes are on tap for the day. Oh, yeah, RIP to Little Milton. he was a blues singer whose siganture song is "Hey, The Blues Is All Right". My mama was expecting a tribute rap or poem for him like I did for Luther Vandross. I may have to do some research. I was not as versed on his work as I was on Luther. I'll probably do it, though. I must challenge myself. I may get tired, and I may never go to the theaters (except for my movies), but I love cinema!!! I can't say that, enough. Be Easy, readers, and God Bless.


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