Thursday, August 04, 2005

We Gon' Make It

As I sit here, slightly peeved that I cannot take place in the shoot for Keenon's film, I am comforted by the thoughts of my people. I have really been vibing and getting reacquainted with people. At Brandon's movie screening, Ennis let me know that he still plans to drop his Eclectic Mixtape. I did an intro for it back in '03, but it was shelved. He plans to have me compose a new intro and keep the old one as an interlude. He also plans to put my one spoken word track, "Damn Love" on the mixtape. Hopefuly, it will be in a certain film that I am working on. (Rod Pitts, I see you) Rod also tells me of his ideas and they include me: Horror films, hitman films, me playing twins, a crackhead, and reprising my role as the Cinema Geek. Rod always knows how to play the fact that I am a ham against me. I wind up doing crazy stuff, but it looks good. Darn you, Pitts! Bryan talks about working on movies and an album. I don't know if it will jump off before he leaves (Sniff), but I am excited for him.

I have also met friends like Keenon who has songs that he wants me to "flow" on, and other movie ideas. Arnold and Jarrod at Cowboy Up Productions plan to use me in other projects. I am still auditioning and calling people, like Bevan and Christine at Rusted Sun Films. And, when the homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) finishes her screenplay, hopefully she'll throw old M.Sea a bone. My boy Ken is writing a children's book about his childhood going to Catholic School, and he reads me a new passage every day. It's great. I also plan to get Dr. Augustus Q. Fro of to start writing with me on some skits. The boy's nuts! I hear good old Aaron's writing, one of my fellow acting colleagues. Also, one of Rod's friends Bret Cantrell is working on something. I also met a female named Shajuana whose sister writes gospel plays. Church!!! And, I just met a woman named Jasmine who is writing children's books and is interested in acting. I will be be busy, but happy. I will make this happen. Please believe it!!! I used to kick myself for procrastinating so much about things that I've always wanted to do. I don't mess around as much this year. I guess it was appropriate that I started hustling when everybody else did. I draw strength from Ennis' grind, Rod's diligence, Keenon's passion, Bryan's grit, Arnita's hustle, Arnold's enthusiasm. I have to match my peers. I feel like God has his hand on me and my friends and out projects. To quote the old song, "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now". Let's make it happen, people. Be easy, but work hard.


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