Wednesday, July 27, 2005

48 Hour Film Project

After the arguments of my last post, we convened for the 48 Hour Film Project. On Friday, a small contingent went to the kickoff site. We were given our genre, which was the spy genre. Our prop was bananas. One character had to be named B. Spicer and she had to be an addiction counselor. We also had to use the phrase, "Put up or shut up." We eventually decided to do a film about a spy from a rival 48 hour film project attempting to sabotage our project. It was crazy. Our movie was entitled P.A. Pretender. Our movie within the movie was entitled Stop the Dresses. In that movie, I had to play a.....okay.....I can say this....crossdressing sex addict. I wore a dress and a wig, but no makeup, and no shoes. Thank God, they could not find ladies shoes in my size. I protested a lot, and so did Aaron, but we eventually gave in. It didn't kill me. I really bonded with these people. Arnold Edwards II is a good director. Jarrod Wilson is great technically Krista is so young and so driven. I am envious. Tiffany Pemberton is a phenomenal actor. Jason Bishop is a great artistic director and actor. Ashley is a great actor. Rick Schomer is a great filmmaker. K. Watson, you did great camera work and your attention for detail was on point. Aaron Jones, you are a funny dude. Your Pimp My Ride improvisations were crazy. We have got to work together more. You and I could be like Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, man. Dayna, you are from Fayette County like me and you studied drama under Mrs. Cross. We are officially cool now. I hope to see you again in "Like a week" (private joke). Tommy, you are a great editor. You rock. Paul and Kristin, you were funny and good actors. To the Cowboy Up people, to the Pizza Cologne people, to everybody, man, I thouroughly enjoyed myself, we kicked major butt, and we have got to finish Third Wheel Date. And, since the 48 Hour Film Project is in Memphis next year, in the words of the Staple Singers, "Let's Do It Again". For the uneducated, rent the movie of the same name starring Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier. I finally have a finished project!!!!! Yes!!!!!! Thank You GOD!!!!!!! Okay, I'm done. Be easy, dear readers, be easy.


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