Saturday, July 30, 2005

My first screening

Well, I had begged to get up in the screening of Dollars and Signs. It was an advance screening. When I got there, the Cowboy Up productions crew was cleaning up. Arnold Edwards II, Jarrod Wilson, Tommy Kha, and Dayna (Fayette County! What!). We chilled for a minute. My good buddy Ennis aka Fathom 9 aka the dopest rapper/producer in the Mid-South area came out. He's doing music in the movie. The movie basically concerns two guys who get paid to protest certain causes. They get dollars for holding up signs. Brandon Hutchison, producer and writer, is one creative cat. They catch the attention of a Carlton, who owns CarlMart. He tries to hire them so they won't bother his operation. This leads to conflict between the friends and conflict between the friends and CarlMart. I play Protester #2. I shot an extra scene recently. In the scene, I go off on CarlMart. I am very disgruntled. I use profanity. Of course, my scene got the biggest laugh. My second scene has been cut up some, so my key profane statement in there is almost lost. It's cool, though. Everybody was complimentary, and for once, my head did not swell. I was very appreciative. I also networked with a friend of Ennis' and members of Tunnel Clones. The Tunnel Clones have a song in the movie. Ennis had several beats in the movie. He is billed as the main music person. I also loved the cameo by Ennis' crew, Iron Mic Coaliton, in the movie. Those are my favorite local artists, and we're cool. Ennis would tap me when one of his beats was being used. I am just so happy. This was a showing to gauge opinion. The movie is incomplete. I still consider it my first screening. I am glad that I came and I cannot wait for the official showing. If you are down with me, you will be invited. I hope that you can afford the $5.oo charge, though. Be easy.


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