Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Movie Moves

On Saturday I had an auditon for a film called Mail Call. I think that I'll either play this geeky boardgame dude (what a stretch), a bartender, or a mailman. The director also wants my input on making his African-American dialogue authentic for another script he's working on. I figured what the heck? I would rather take a stab at the dialogue than someone who doesn't care. Then, Saturday night I met with Keenon and submitted some songs for the movie. I believe that my good friend Scott Lynn, who lives in Philly, will have a song in this movie. He already has the end credits song in Rod's film. I make it happen. We also plan to use songs from this great undiscovered soul singer named Eric Roberson. Go to http://www.ericrobersonmusic.com and discover the great music. Sunday I had an audition for Amy Novena's film. It's very surreal, but like I told her, I'm trying to diversify my roles. I had to leave the audition process early to sang Bryan and work on Keenon's film. We arrived at the library by 2:45. The library closed at 5:00. We finished by 6:15. Angela, Sweet Millie G, and Ely from the mentally challenged scene showed up, as did our top assistant, the homegirl Arnita (Westwooood!). Also, a few people from other films and these young kids from Arkansas. My boy Will even showed up for a minute. Will is a crazy dude. Monday's shoot was canceled. Arnita hit me up this morning wanting to know my availability. I am out of the Wednesday and Thursday shoots because of work (darned second shift!) but I will be down for Friday's shift. The hustle continues.


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