Monday, September 12, 2005

A Change Is Gonna Come...

When I started this blog, I pretty much worked and watched movies. Therefore, my blog consisted of movie reviews and opinion pieces. This summer, though, inependent film became my life. I lost myself for a minute. I also realized that my blog has gone Hollywood (or independent cinema, to be exact). My homeboy Nick (The Angry One) Jones even told me that it's still interesting, but hard to relate to my blog now. I wonder, have I lost touch with my readers while pursuing my cinematic ambitions? Have I sold out, and lost sight of the struggle? Hurricae Katrina and its related media circus have awakened my activist side. You will still get Indie Memphis insight, but I must balance that with more opinion pieces. I never intended for this to become my indie Memphis diary, but aside from work and the occasional movie, that's all I do now. I will get back to more serious subjects. I have been reminded that the struggle continues. It's revolution time, people! Peace and be easy.


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