Monday, September 12, 2005

Weekend Recap

Friday, I attempted to see The Brothers Grimm. I was tired, so I fell asleep through some parts. Then, I received a call from my homegirl Tamara. Since I had missed so much, I stepped out to chat with her. The end of the film was okay, I guess. May have to rent that one later on. Saturday, I got off work, went to the library, and ran into a brilliant young poet named Gifted Tiffany. We talked about music, poetry, and about this film that her classmate Tommy Kha is starting soon called dead anonymous. I encouraged her to ask him about it and mention me. Later, she read some of my poetry. I have got to quit leaving my more personal poems in my poetry book. She read her poem about Hurricane Katrina to me, and she read my poem. My poem is still in progress and will be on this site shortly. After Rod got off at the libray, he and I rolled out to Westwood (the part of town, not my nickname for Ms. Arnita Williams) and worked on Keenon's film. I got a pleasant surprise because Lisa Miller was back in town from grad school at the University of Nottingham. Lisa portrays Angela in Rod's film, What Goes Around. We hope to finish that soon. Lisa's friend, Taki, was also there. Taki will play Emma in Rod's next film, Spin Cycle. And I was reacquainted with an actress named Kim that was in a white party scene in Keenon's movie. Ely from the mentally challenged scene also came through. It was a long day of shooting. My shoulders were tired from holding the boom mic. Sunday, I had planned to be an extra in Robert Saba's film Delusions. The e-mail had the time listed as 2:30-8:00 PM. It was more like 2:30-2:45 PM. Robert said that a lot of people had cancelled and were out of town. I had to call my people and let them know. I went back to the library and hollered at Rod. We also had two up-and-coming actresses in the house: the homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) and LaVita (Vita Loca). We chilled for a minute, but after Rod got off we went back to the house we shot at yesterday. Keenon was supposed to have a fight scene with this guy who played his brother. That guy did not make it and will be replaced. Rod shot around him with me playing his stand-in. I had to yell at Keenon and act like I was trying to fight him while other people held me back. They did not hold back. My chest and shoulders are still sore. Ah, well, I suffer for my craft. It was a pretty good day of shooting. Lord willing, we should wrap Keenon's film in a week and a half. Gotta keep filming. Be easy.


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