Friday, September 16, 2005

My Hurricane Katrina Poem

Okay, people, the activist in me has been stirred up again. I never put poems on my site, but I think this needs to be heard. I hope you people feel this. If not, I respect your right to disagree. Here it goes.

The World Outside My Window

What happened, man? Suddenly the world changed,

God’s mighty winds left everything rearranged.

Don’t normally watch the news, so I was blissfully unaware,

Finally saw the destruction, how could I not care?

Couldn’t keep watching the idiot box, I could barely stand it.

When did New Orleans become New Atlantis?

Too much death and suffering, watery graves for innocent souls,

The world outside my window seems distant and cold.

The security of illusion is shattered, only the truth remains.

The inconsiderate media gains ratings from pain.

Conservatives and liberals point fingers and place blame.

Families are forced to migrate without a dollar to their name.

Several traveled from the Mardis Gras capital (New Orleans) to Blues City (Memphis).

Many people opened up their hearts and showed pity.

Whether food, water, or toiletries, several people contributed and did their part.

I packed up books for the kids, I guess it’s a start.

The churches, shelters, schools, and hotels are packed.

We shed tears for those water victims who never made it back.

But when the actions of civilians and celebrities put politicians to shame,

We all feel like pawns in a foolish game.

George Bush feels bad for Trent Lott, but he’s got nine more houses he can use.

And Condoleeza Rice…well, she’s busy buying shoes.

The FEMA director had no credentials.

I guess the whole situation had catastrophic potential.

Bush is making excuses, but he’s barely making sense.

Just say “we weren’t prepared”, do we need more evidence?

The world outside my window seems bleak and hopeless,

But if you’re still breathing, consider yourself blessed.

It ain’t safe no more, not that it ever was.

We can fight for a just cause or ignore things just because.

The world outside my window just ain’t looking right,

It’s gonna be up to the people to shine that light.

Volunteer, donate, pray, do whatever,

We can’t count on officials to make things better.

If the world outside your window doesn’t agree with you,

Get off your ass and change the view

Thank you for your time. Be easy, but be aware. Peace.


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