Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What the Heck is Going On?

Okay, is anybody in office using their full brain capacity right now? Bush takes forever to come to New Orleans and he has the audacity to mourn the loss of Trent Lott's New Orleans home. Notice I said Trent Lott's New Orleans home. That means he has others. SEVERAL others. Laura Bush seems to think that since most of the people who lost their homes were underprivileged that this is working out good for them. How in the blue hell is it ever okay to lose your home and worldly posessions. They may not have lived in the White House or on anything resembling her ranch in Texas, but these people probably loved their homes. I also want to know why do we keep calling them refugees. Call them displaced New Orleaners, call them flood victims, but don't call them refugees. They're not from another country or another world (despite what I've been told about Bourbon Street). They're Americans. Yahoo have lost their damn minds, too. C'mon, now. Pictures of Caucasians with food items and they're gathering. But, the pictures of people of color (Asians, African-Americans) and they're looting?
That's crap, man! I know it's been some time since I ranted, and I apologize to those who were expecting another chapter in the life and times of an Indie Memphis actor. Not today, people. Current events have reawakened the activist in me. It's time for revolution, people. We cannot count on the government to make things right. I said before that I don't know how much more Memphis can take, that maybe we're strainng ourselves. I still believe that, but I believe that we have to take the burden because the government won't. People got mad when Kanye West said that George Bush doesn't care about Black people. I think he doesn't care about poor people. We the people need to get off our comfy couches and do somethng. Donate bottled water, volunteer, heck, even if you want to read to the kids at the Red Cross, just do something. Let's stand up, people. Let's be a little less selfish and get out there and make a difference.
Be easy...naw, scratch that, don't be easy. Be aware, and for crying out loud, let's actually give a damn about our fellow man. Peace.


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