Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blink and You'll Miss Me: My Delusions experience

I attended the screening of Delusions last night. It was cool. Muck Sticky, a funny, dirty, rapper, performed. My acting buddy Lavita (Just the Two of Us, Grim Sweeper) was there. So was John Fuess, the director of Mail Call/Detour/whatever the hell they plan to name our GREAT movie. The Rusted Sun Films crew was in attendance ( as well. The movie was good, darn good. I'm a little disappointed because my dialogue was cut. I'm not surprised, though. I could tell by the trailer that my humorous comments would not vibe with this dark, mature film. It still sucks, though. But, I am in the film, and that's better than not being in it. Arnita Williams (Other Side of the Pillow, Just the Two of Us) had a brief cameo in a photograph. She was supposed to be the dead wife of the GREAT Travis Stone (Ray, Just the Two of Us). All of the actors kicked butt. Sarah Ewell (Shutter, Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast), Tiffany Pemberton, Bevan Bell, Lauren Shepard, my AGENT Forrest Pruett, John B. Smith, Jen Morris, Chris Ross, Lee Mauney, Jon Sparks, and others. Big ups to my fellow extras Will Bennett, Arnold Edwards II, Dayna Hinkel, John Fuess, Mrs. Jon Sparks, and others. I also want to thank Robert Saba and Waheed Alqawasmi for the opportunity. I promise, I'm in the movie! I'm starting to feel like Big Bird on those early Sesame Street episodes with Snuffleuphagus, where nobody thought Snuffy was real. Okay, that was a weird reference! Anyway, good film, I wish them well, and hopefully, I can speak in the next 3Fi/WA films project.


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