Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Film Chat

Yesterday, we did not film (BOOO!), so I went to the Media Co-Op and participated in an open forum. Bevan Bell and Morgan Fox, two of our city's premier indie filmmakers, discussed filmmaking asthetics. Glen Ring (PA Pretender, Dollars and Signs) was also there. Al Lahiri (Third Wheel Date, Ants in an Ant Farm) was also there, along with John Fuess, who is directing me in Detours (formerly Mail Call). Very good information, nice writing tips, and I found out that Morgan has family members that don't like his movies. Kinda makes me feel better about my family members' reactions to my first movie. I asked Bevan if he knew whether or not my scene was in Delusions, but he couldn't remember. I guess I'll have to wait until today. The not knowing is bugging me, but it's the nature of the business. John Fuess also informed me that we have a wrap party next week. Of course, my last scenes and voiceovers will be completed AFTER the wrap party. That seems weird, but I guess they shouldn't hold up a party on my account. Hopefully, I am in Delusions. A lot of the Indie Memphis community is in this one, so it should be a cool party, anyway. The screening kicks off with two live bands at 5:00, then the actual movie is shown at 7:45. The screening is at the Complex, which is located on 704 Madison here in good ol' Memphis. If you're on the list (like me), free admission. If you're not, it costs $7.00. Please come out and support inedependent films. Robert Saba is an exciting young filmmaker with something to say. Whether I'm in it or not, the movie looks interesting. Be easy, readers.


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