Thursday, November 17, 2005

My Acting Obsession

I know it's not healthy, but I am truly obsessed with the acting game. I've blown off celebrations with friends, tried to leave family outings early, and generally put a lot of non-acting friends on hold until I get back to them. It's what I do. It's my dream. I view acting as the most beautiful women in my neoghborhood. She is beautiful, elusive, seductive, and a tease. She toys with me, flirts with me, is temperamental, and she gives me a false sense of security and lets me down. I love and despise it at the same time. I endure frustration, rejection, and heartache. I have endured it, and I would gladly endure it again. I am willing to endure a thousand rejections, disappointments, and failures for that one success. If I fall down 100 times, I will stand up 101. It's in me. It is my addiction. I can't let it go. I feel that I need to work harder. I want to try to return to that young, eager actor that didn't have a project out. I want to regain that hunger and determination. I gotta step it up. I want to apologize in advance to those who don't see me. Now, you really won't see me. I plan to finish up my commitments, take a little holiday break, and start the '06 off with renewed vigor. I'll get mine. Be easy, readers.


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