Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Brief Tribute to my Cousin

I will not be going to New Orleans to finish up the "Project Gangsta" video. I recently received news that my first cousin, Damon Boyd, was killed in a car wreck last night. I decided to give voice to my grief. Here goes

Peace, Cuz
for Damon Boyd, who went home 12-6-2005

What can I say? What words can console my cousin's mother?
I can't bring him back.
Honestly, I really didn't know him that well.
He was still family, though.
I can still feel his mother's pain.
He was probably driving along, thinking everything was fine,
Now he's gone, and it's messing with my mind.
I normally have a way with words, I'm usually clever,
But this is one of those rare times when it's hard to put syllables together.
First my great aunt went home, now my first cousin gets the call.
Recent tragedies slow my usual fastbreak pace to a crawl.
Peace to all my deceased loved ones, I truly miss you all,
My only response is to bend my knees and fall.
Even on my worst days the creator is still working,
Gotta push on, gotta get past the hurting.
Peace, cuz, don't have too much fun up there,
I just know our paths will cross again someday, somewhere.

Treasure family, because time is a precious and limited gift.


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