Monday, December 12, 2005

Mourning, Partying, and Chillin:Yet Another Weekend Wrapup

On Friday, I actually went home (shocker!). I had to rest because I had to go out to Fayette County on Saturday. I had to go to my mom's house to retrieve my black suit. I had to go to my high school, Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School, to attend my cousin Damon Boyd's funeral. It was a relatively low-key ceremony. I didn't know him well, so I was not very emotional. Of course, I felt guilty for not being emotional. I did run into my biological father. I made sure to put his number in my cell phone. Gotta keep in touch with Pops. My cousin Lee and his group, The Jump Out Boys, want to film a video soon. I told them about Keenon's company, Dog Day Pictures. Hopefully, we can all help each other out, and isn't that what it's all about? Well, that...and the hokey pokey, but I digress. Later on Saturday night, I went to a party that my coworker Tracey had. It was a tree decorating/graduation celebration. I believe that she is receiving her Master's in Business from Belhaven next weekend. Go, Tracey! It was a cool little party. I tripped out, acted a fool, got goofy, pretty much a regular day at the office. This one dude wanted to get all deep and started polling us on our thoughts on Stanley "Tookie" Williamson. I just wasn't in a political mood. From there, I rolled on to a party held by Laura Hocking and Chris McCoy. Morgan Fox (Blue Citrus Hearts, Dollars and Signs) was there, as was filmmaker Ben Siler, young director Tommy "The Future" Kha, and other Indie Memphis regulars. It was cool. Once again, I was like one of five people not drinking. It's a little awkward at times. I bounced around midnight.

Sunday, I lounged around until about 1:45. Called Vineet Thapar. Realized that he was trying to get me to rerecord my audio for the movie that we are working on with John Fuess. I thought he was asking me for assistance with African-American dialogue for a script. He said that that's way down the road. Hopefully, I'll try to record my audio again on Tuesday. Mic check, one, two, one, two. Sorry, I always wanted to type that. Afterwards, I chilled with Bryan Newcomb (Just the Two of Us, Divine Manipulation of the Threads). We cruised the mall, I bought a t-shirt, pretty much the normal routine there. I always say I'll budget more, but it was a U of M t-shirt. As an alumni, I have an obligation to own as much Memphis Tiger paraphernalia as possible, right? Well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. We then went to the urban clothing stores on American Way. Gotta love a t-shirt with Oscar the Grouch counting money with the words "Hood Rich" over his head. No, I didn't buy it...yet. I then went over my boy Shomari's house and watched a wrestling pay-per-view. All my people were there. I guess I don't always have to film to have a good time. Today, I plan to go back to Fayette-Ware once again to see my high school's end-of-semester drama production. Dayna Hinkel of Cowboy Up Productions is assisting; she's an alumni of my high school and studied under the same drama teacher that I did. I figured I'd go out and support. I hope these kids do a good job. There have been lot of talented kids to carry the Kaleidoscope Player tradition. Maybe I'll take someone under my wing on some Obi Wan Kenobi/Luke Skywalker type stuff...or maybe I'll just sit in the back and watch. We'll see. Be easy, readers.

PS RIP, Richard Pryor. I'm sad that he's gone, but I'm glad that he's no longer suffering. I really wanna see Stir Crazy. Heck, I'd settle for Superman 3. Or his kiddie show, "Pryor's Place"...sorry, having a geek moment. Somebody needs to pull a Ray and chronicle his life, pronto.


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