Friday, December 09, 2005

Too Much Fun

After work, I went to the last Red West Acting Class until February. Forrest Pruett (Delusions, Forty Shades of Blue), Jon Sparks, (, Christin Ackerman(Delusions, Divine Manipulation of the Threads), Alexis Green (The Survivor), and many others. Alexis and a woman named Kim performed a scene from Sex, Lies, and Videotape. It was very humorous. I performed a scene from The Crying Game. I played Forrest Whitaker's character, Jody. I guess I did pretty good. I had to keep my hands behind my back because I was supposed to be a prisoner. I am glad because it forced me to use my face as opposed to my normal crutch of vivid body movement. I am learning to not force my actions and to be more natural. Brandon and Christin performed a scene from White Palace, it was pretty long and intense. Forrest and Joseph Smith (Divine Manipulation, Delusions) did the Sex, Lies and Videotape scene. It was supposed to be two sisters, but they flipped it. I laughed so hard I was in pain. After class, we had some refreshments, and a lot of us went over to Flashback's for karaoke. Forrest, ever the pillar of consistency, performed Queensryche's "Silent Lucidity". Joe did an Elvis song. Lina performed "Aida" by Sarah McLachlan and "Betty Davis Eyes". I performed Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal", then later Alexis and I dueted on Beyonce and Jay-Z's "Crazy in Love". I did the rap, of course. I flew solo on Sugar Ray's "Fly", and my last song was Joseph and I dueting on "Nuttin' But a G Thang". He was Joe Doggy Dogg and I was M. Dre, or something like that. It was wild, it was crazy, and I probably stayed out way too late. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

With Keenon and Rod and the rest of the gang off in New Orleans, I will probably take it easy and go to the $2.50 movies tonight or rent something. So far, I've only performed a scene from a movie I've actually seen once. That was Hustle and Flow, which I performed during my first class (Check the archives). Saturday is my cousin Damon's funeral, and some holiday get-togethers in the evening. Gotta make sure I rest up. Wow, even when I'm not filming, I'm still busy. Be easy, readers.


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