Friday, January 13, 2006

My talented friends

Last night, I went to the Complex to see some performances. The first performance was by a group from Little Rock, Arkansas named Lovechild. Lovechild consisted of two females, one African-American, one Caucasian. Their style could be considered alternative rock. They were pretty good. The next group was my friends GRIP. I forgot what it stands for, but the group leader was my good buddy Paul "P-Dub" West. They rocked! Thomas Spurlock was the main vocalist. The boy is bad! He did his song, "Dance", and he did what I hope will be his first single, "Infatuated". I believe Paul West produced both of those tracks. Thomas also performed Anthony Hamilton's "Can't Let Go" and Bobby Womack's "A Woman's Gotta Have". He also performed Dwele's "I Think I Love You" ( . He said that his album, Inside a Man, is coming soon. The main act was Closed Kaption, headed by Latoya Baker (Just the Two of Us). They are a rock group. They performed Incubus' "Wish You Were Here", and other alternative/rock hits. They did an original song called "Let a Wind Come". Go to the music section of and you will hear this song. It's hot! Latoya is very personable and not afraid to laugh at herself. Also, all of the acts were in the crowd cheering each other on when they were not on stage. I loved to see that. I constantly try to tell people that Memphis is more than jsut crunk music. We have to keep having events and show people the other side of Memphis. I am proud of Latoya and Closed Caption, and P-Dub, Thomas, and the rest of GRIP. I was also glad to see friends in the audience. Arnita Williams (Other Side of the Pillow, What Goes Around) was there, as was P-dub's lady love, Denna Greer (What Goes Around). DeAara Lewis (director/actor, The Forgotten Ones) and her sister were there also. My buddy Rod Pitts ( should be her Director of Photography on her next project and Ms. Arnita Williams is scheduled to be her Line Producer. Hopefully, I can get a role and work with my people again. I believe that I will make my long-awaited return to the set of Just the Two of Us this evening and assist Keenon Nikita tonight. Also, I have a reading for an independent film tomorrow. These are preliminary auditions. When the official auditions come out, be sure to watch this blog and for the details. That's all for now, people. Be easy, but rock hard!


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