Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Where Does the Time Go?: The Infamous Weekend Wrap-Up

On Friday, I chilled out and hung out in my side of town..That's right, the Dova, baby!!!

I read for an upcoming indie film. I don't want to get into details because this was a preliminary reading. The official auditions will be next month. I think it's a funny script, and hopefully, it should be another opportunity for the Indie Memphis community to strut their stuff. Later on, I hooked up with my film mentor, Rod Pitts (www.pittstopproductions.com) and we shot the last scene of Rod's feature directorial debut, What Goes Around. It involved a stuffed animal, that's all I'll say. We finished that, then I hung out with my Cowboy Up Productions Crew: Tiffany Pemberton (Delusions, PA Pretender), director Arnold Edwards II, his girlfriend Dayna Hinkle (Fayette County), Krista Finley (PA Pretender, PA Intern, Black Snake Moan), Hardy, and his daughter, Skyler. We were having a going-away celebration for Krista, who is joining the army. I respect her, because I'm way too lazy for that! We chilled out, I think I talked about my attraction to drama queens, and I think I may have ruined some people's opinions of Markus as "the nice guy". Hey, I'm human, people. Eventually, everybody started getting sleepy, so I rolled out.


On Sunday, I hooked up with Rod and Keenon and we worked on Just the Two of Us. Alexis Green (The Survivor) acted in a scene. I got to play an extra and I had to hug her. Keenon told me to! Of course, Keenon and Rod and said that I hugged her tight. I argued that that's what MY CHARACTER would do. I mean, I'll keep it real, Alexis is cute, but I ain't that desperate for affection...yet. Then, we shot scenes in the Law Library at the U of M. We couldn't shoot our last scene. We had a first-time actor who had some trouble with the lines. Hey, it happens.
Then, I moved on to my boy Shomari's house and we watched...you guessed it , a wrestling pay-per-view.


I chilled out, went to the movies and saw Glory Road. It was great! The crowd was clapping! It was a great feel-good sports movie. Red West (my acting coach) kicked butt. I was also glad to see Sam Jones (Smallville) and Tatiana Ali, the younger daughter on Fresh Prince. It was very inspirational and uplifting, and it's got Red West in it! Go see it!!

After that, I met up with Rod and we shot scenes over Keenon's house with the 8 year old Ashley. It was cool. They used natural sound, so I just chilled. Then, we watched the music video that Keenon and Rod shot for this rapper in New Orleans. It was cool, I just prefer my hip-hop to be a little more positive. Also, I think I may have talked myself into another scene as a mentally challenged person in Keenon's film. It'll be...interesting. Hopefully, we'll film tonight. Be easy, readers.


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