Friday, February 17, 2006

Actin' and Sangin' (Singing) Yet Again

Last night, I rehearsed my scene for Rod Pitts' ( new independent feature film Spin Cycle. I am once again playing the Film Geek, a character we created in What Goes Around, Rod's feature-length directorial debut. I rehearsed with the two leads: Derrick Engleberg (Hell's Kitchen), who plays Alex, and Nataki Carver (What Goes Around, Just the Two of Us), who plays Emma. We were also joined by Nataki's cute as a button daughter, Angela aka Princess Angela or Angel. She's energetic, but adorable. We had to keep headphones on her while we rehearsed the scenes because they include some naughty words. Rod is taking out some naughty words, though. I think we all need to chill on the profanity. It can be habit-forming. The rehearsals were good, and we had fun. Rod is trying to tone the Film Geek down from the first movie. I'm naturally melodramatic, and I have a tendency to oversell, I can admit that. Admission, after all, is the first step in recovery. I feel pretty good about the pacing and blocking. I guess I exemplify the film geek in Rod and most directors. I make a very weird defense of a universally hated film. Hey, it's not like that hasn't happened in real life. I actually didn't hate Gigli, so I'm convinced I have weird tastes.

Afterwards, I joined my fellow actors Joseph Smith (Delusions, Escort Service), Forrest Pruett (Divine Manipulation of the Threads, Delusions), Lina Fritsche (Slow Down You're Dating Too Fast, Delusions), Sarah Ewell (Shutter, Eyes of a Blue Dog), Juan Corrigan (Mail Call, The Firm), and photographer extraordinaire Janeen Gardner, and Christin Ackerman (Delusions, Chosen). Also in attendance were our friends Candace and Eric Pike. Of course, Joseph and I performed "Nuttin' But a G Thang". As usual, we rocked it! Later, I attempted Usher's "You Make Me Wanna". I was okay. I've been having a little trouble with singing at karaoke. Maybe I'm singing stuff out of my limited vocal range. Oh, well, better luck next time.

Plug Time!!!!!

Old School Pictures is having their movie Act One screened at Studio on the Square starting tonight, February 17. Here are the dates and times:

Act One"Malco Studio on the SquareFriday, February 17 - Thursday, February 23 1:25 * 4:40 * 7:25 * 9:45

They will also be showing trailers of upcoming projects from Live From Memphis, Grade One Entertainment, Corduroy Wednesday's Grim Sweeper (I'm an extra in that), and Rusted Sun Films' Divine Manipulation of the Threads (I play a thug in that one).

Also, the 7:25 Friday showing will be a unique "mini-premiere," where you'll have the opportunity to meet members of the cast and crew. Old School Pictures also plans on having an after party at Bosco's (which is basically in the parking lot of the theater), and they encourage you to join them there to round out the night.

Hip-Hop Show!

Hosted By: IRON MIC COALITION When: Saturday Feb 18, 2006at 9:00PM Where: THE COMPLEX704 MADISON AVE.MEMPHIS, TN 38103
Admission: $5.00

2nd Annual Soul Aid
To Benefit the Memphis Food Bank's Kids Cafe
Sunday, February 19, 2006
The Complex @ 704 Madison Ave
Ticket locations:
The Complex (901.692.9211)
Online @
Ticket Prices: $10.00/Advance, $15.00/door

Acts include: Iron Mic Coalition, Men-Nefer, Will Graves, Free Sol, Twin Spirit, Nujynisis, Reflectionz, Authentic Life, and Spoken Word Artists Tame, Hannah, and El Hakim


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