Monday, February 27, 2006

Who Am I Playing Again? The Infamous Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday: Chilled out at home. Watched the movie Rize. Cool dance moves, nice documentary about kids using dance to "rise" and transcend their inner-city LA environment.

Had Gridiron Association rehearsal. We actually rehearsed in the Al Chymia Shrine Center, where we will be performing at. Pretty cool. I am now a "background" person in two more scenes. Theater is serious! I will pull it off, though. Next, I met up with Rod Pitts to shot a scene with Kim Skipper (What Goes Around, Just the Two of Us) for Imagine, Rod's entry into the Lil' Memphis Film Festival. We also got clothing items for my Spin Cycle scene the next day. After that, I was called into a gathering at the apartment of Arnold Edwards II to receive my role in Curbside Confessions. That's all I can really say. I signed a confidentiality agreement, so I can't really speak on this film.

Sunday: I woke up around 6 AM, ate, got myself together, and I called Rod around 7 AM. I made it to his place, we proceeded to the Theater Building at the University of Memphis. Nataki Caver (What Goes Around, Just the Two of Us), the female lead in Spin Cycle, met us there. We then proceeded to Comics and Collectibles in the hopes of shooting our scene. Our male lead canceled and we had to call it off. I was disappointed, plus I was saddened by the fact that I can't cut my hair and I shaved off my goatee. After that, Rod and I went to Keenon's house, where he proceeded to tell me I looked 17. Thanks, Keenon! After about another hour of advice and teasing from Keenon, I headed home. I had rehearsals again for the play Waltzing in Memphis. We started rehearsing songs. I will have to cut down on the karaoke singing to save my voice for this show! After that, I picked Rod up from Keenon's, where he was editing Just the Two of Us and we met Jason Dancy and Learyn (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us) to shoot scenes for Imagine. April Hale (The Survivor, Just the Two of Us) also shot some scenes with us. I played Death. It was cool.

I am now anxious to see Just the Two of Us, which is scheduled to be shown on March 16 at the Muvico theatres in Peabody Place, downtown Memphis. Also, I will be in two movies in the Lil' Memphis Film Fest. I am usually hard on myself, but I have to see how everything comes together. Be easy, readers.


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Jon W. Sparks said...

You're gonna be the star of the Lil' Film Festival. And I say that's a good thing. You are awesome in "Arrogant Dead People," I must say.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger Jon W. Sparks said...

The similarity in casting is, however, a bit eerie.


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