Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ice, Ice, Baby: The Weekend Wrap-Up (Dead Presidents Extended Mix)


Came home from work, dozed off for a minute, woke up, and rushed out the door to see Act One at Malco's Studio on the Square. Ran into Brandon Hutchison (director, Dollars and Signs) and Morgan Fox. Got to the door, saw that the 7:25 was sold out. Act One's director Brad Ellis was pleading with me to come back for the 9:45, which I did. However, I realized that I had left my wallet at home. So, it was one quick trip back to Cordova to get the wallet, then I made it back to Union. I chilled out at IHOP for a minute, then it was back to the theater. I ran into Arnold Edwards (director, PA Pretender) and his girlfriend Dana Hinkle (Fayette County in the house). Actor/director Bevan Bell (Delusions, Divine Manipulation of the Threads) was also there, as was his girlfriend Christine Connoly and Brad and Anthony from Rusted Suns Films. I also saw Suzy Crashcourse from Sawed-off Collaboratory and chatted with Jerry Kimble, one of the film's stars. I hope to see him in more local films. I also chatted with Edward Phillips and the Corduroy Wednesday crew. The film was great! I need to see it again.

Ice ruined everything! No Gridiron Association rehearsal for Waltzing In Memphis, or as I like to call it, the best darn political satire in all the land! Also, no wrap party for Divine Manipulation of the Threads. This is the second week it's been called off. Bummer. I pretty much chilled in the house...pun intended.

I chilled (pun intended) again for most of the day. My shoot at Comics and Collectibles for Spin Cycle was called off as well. I was bored, and so I ate. I ate most of my brother's Oatmeal Cream Pies. He was not pleased. He voiced his displeasure. I resolved to get back in good graces with Big Bro. I eventually broke out and picked up Bryan Newcomb (Mail Call, Divine Manipulation). We cruised the mall (as usual), and we hung out. I then went back to Bryan's home, met up with my homie Paul Briggs and we went ove my friend Shomari's house for...you guessed it...yet another wrestling pay-per-view. Bryan was dropped off over Shomari's so I could take him and Paul home. On the way to their house, Paul said that he's never seen me do karaoke. We decided to hit up the Bel-Air Bar and Grill, near my brother's house. I performed Prince's "Kiss" in a very high-pitched voice. I believe Bryan recorded it. Later, Paul Briggs and I performed K-Ci and Jo Jo's "All My Life". Hey, we had fun! We'll never tour as a singing act, but it was cool. After dropping Bryan and Paul back off, I fell on the ice in Bryan's driveway. It hurts a little bit, but I am okay. I'm a soldier! UHHHH! Sorry, had to dust off the old Master P impersonation. I told my brother I fell, and he begins snickering and saying, "I'm not laughing at you." Well, you sure as heck weren't laughing with me, big bro!

I tried to go to Harold Ford, Jr's rally. The fire marshall prevented any more people from entering the room by the time I had arrived. They had an overflow room, but I was not feeling that. I got out, went to the mall, called Bryan, picked him up, went to Toys R US on American Way (it's closing, great deals), and eventually dropped him off. I then drove out to Oakland to pick my cousin Anwar up from his job at the local Kroger. Good old Oakland. My favorite store is Kountry Video. Doesn't that put visions of tumbleweeds in your head? I took him home to change out of his Kroger duds, and then we went to Collierville and saw Date Movie. It was hilarious. They didn't just parody date movies. They also poked fun at Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pimp My Ride, and Rize, of all things. We then got our eat on at a nearby Cici's Pizza. Then, I dropped him off, rolled out to the 'dova (Cordova), and made it home in time for the second hour of WWE Monday Night Raw. Nothing like some good old-fashioned rasslin' to make the day complete. I'm sorry, Mr. McMahon prefers the term "sports entertainment". This is the part where my blog would be complete and I would come with my witty tagline, but today is a special edition of..

Blog Blast!
Young filmmaker Tommy "The future" Kha is put on blast for being a smart-aleck teenager. I'm chatting with Brandn Hutchison, and Tommy comes up talking about some "Who are you?" I think to myself, "Okay, he's being cute, I'll check him and we'll be done". No, Mr. Funnyman keeps it going, talking about "Oh, my god, he's following me". Ha ha hell, Tommy. At some point, you drop the joke and converse like normal people. See if I come running to your next project, buddy. After all, King Indie cannot be spoken to in such a matter! If you see Tommy, tell him we got beef. I'll have to compose a diss rap or something.

Next, I must put myself on Blog Blast. After we finished our delicous Cici's Pizza, I said "Let's book", meaning let's go. Any usage of "book", "jet", or "motor" to mean leave after 1992 is just plain wrong. This is a worse usage of outdated slang than my repeated attempts to reintroduce "funky fresh" into everyday usage. If you could see me now, I'm hanging my head in shame. Or because I'm not the best typer. At any rate, I apologize to the people of Earth for my slang offenses. I'd like to say this is the last time, but knowing me, that would be lying. Oh, well, that' s all, good citizens. Be easy, readers.


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