Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Random Thoughts, or Too Much Free Time:2/22/2006

Random Thought #1:
Is it just me, or does country music have some of the most heartbreaking stories ever? I have read the lyrics to several country music songs on the karaoke monitor, and it's enough to make me wanna turn a bottle up (if I drank). Songs like "When the Bartender Cried", "Thunder Roll", and others are just way too depressing. You should only listen to sad country songs with a friend present who can protect you in case you get too disappointed or lonely.

Random Thought #2:
They are opening a Coyote Ugly Bar on Beale Street. Just like the movie! Well, not quite. Fellas, calm down and remember that Tyra Banks will not be there. The women will probably be attractive, though. I find the prospect of beautiful women dancing on top of bar counters oddly exhilarating.


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