Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally, Some Action!!

Yesterday, I went to a rehearsal for Vincent Moore's film A Cop, A Snitch and a Stripper Named Shane. We had it in a meeting room at the Main Library aka the Benjamin E. Hooks Library on Poplar. Mr. Moore (Just the Two of Us) was there, as was "Shane" herself, Cherina Black. Trent Dee (Just the Two of Us, 21 Grams) was also there, along with veteran stage actress Madeleine Rogers. She will be playing a judge. My partner in crime Rod Pitts was there, and filmmaker/Shane costar Keenon Nikita (Right Questions, The Parkers) , his daughter Ashley, and Erica Hines (Curbside Confessions). We rehearsed various scenes, including my scene as Officer Blue, a corrupt cop. It'll be nice to beat somebody up for a change, as opposed to getting hit in the head with Twizzlers (What Goes Around) or some of my other shining moments. I also met Phoebe Hines, who was also in Just the Two of Us.

Afterwards, Rod and I went over Keenon's house and listened to some of the new songs he and Ashley have been working on. Ashley's singing name is Nya. The new material is hot. I may have to come out of my "MC retirement" and spit some rhymes on some of these tracks. Ashley gets cool points for recognizing the genius that is Mary J, Blige's album What's the 411?, but she hated on my favorite new artist, Lupe Fiasco ( and his song "Kick Push". But, she's still a teenager. She probably thinks Bow Wow's a good rapper.
I hope Keenon and Ashley get their music out. I gotta get myself out there, too, through acting or other areas. Be easy, readers

PS Shout out to fictional storybook character Babar the Elephant, he turns 75 today. Babar is for the kids.


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