Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Late Gifts and Meetings: The Weekend Wrap-Up


Got off work, got my haircut, watched WWE Smackdown! Relatively uneventful.


Got off work at 2 PM, chilled at the crib for a minute, FINALLY caught up with Rod Pitts (www.pittstopproductions.com) and gave him his Christmas gift: The soundtrack to Dolemite. Hey, it's his favorite movie!!! I also gave him this cheesy cartoon DVD back. He had bought me Seabiscuit on DVD for Christmas, and he returned my Robin Thicke DVD and CD back. Don't sleep on Alan Thicke's ( of Growing Pains) son, he's soulful. We chilled out, I left for a minute to go over Keenon Nikita's house (Just the Two of Us, Poor and Hungry) and get back my Jay-Z: Fade to Black concert DVD and Kanye West's Late Registration CD. By the time I got back, Arnita Williams (In an Instant, What Goes Around) had shown up. We talked about her new movie she's working on, and her schedule. She's really getting things together. I'm always glad to see new filmmakers taking this serious. It's fun, but it has to be structured.

Later on, I went to Jordan's and sang some karaoke. I sang "When Doves Cry" by Prince, and John Mayer's "Your Body Is a Wonderland". The KJ, Tony, started messing with me by changing the lyrice to "Wonderland". I began yelling at him back on the mic. It was crazy, but Tony's my buddy. Shout out to Chris (the bustboy), La La (waitress), and the rest of the staff at Jordan's.


I met with Chris Byerly and Timm Scalita about my role in the movie The Sick. This is a gruesome horror film. I won't be inviting the family to this one. We start filming Friday, it should be cool.

Later, I went over my boy Shomari's house and watched the WWE pay-per-view, New Year's Revolution. The main event sucked, and I got a little heated when everybody started arguing with me because I felt that horror movie coming out on Christmas (ie Black Christmas) is just wrong. Yeah, the day is commercial anyway, but that is sickening to me. Besides, I have to deal with my crazy cousins on most holidays, and I don't need to see anything too violent before I get into that environment.

Oh, yeah, shout out to Learyn Wilde (Unholy Passion, Just the Two of Us). She was in the winning trailer for the Black Snake Moan contest. Learyn has always been passionate about acting, and I am glad to see her receiving well-deserved accolades.

I am looking forward to filming my part in The Sick this weekend. Also, shout out to my film mentor Rod Pitts for giving me a copy of What Goes Around and including shorts and trailers that we've been a part of over the years. I hope to get my first Academy Award in a Pittstop Productions film. Be easy, readers!!!


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