Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthdays, Wrestling, and Films:The Weekend Wrap-Up


I got off work, hung out, ran some errands, and came home around 6 PM.


I attended a faculty meeting at my job. I gave a little Powerpoint presentation about the services in my department. My supervisor gave us a lot of facts about education and poverty in the Memphis area. It was a little saddening.
After that, I went home and chilled out until about 5:30 PM. I went to the Best Buy on Germantown Parkway to meet Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart, a popular wrestling mangaer in the 80s that got his start in Memphis. I grew up watching him, so it was nice to finally meet him. I did not win the raffle for the suite tickets for Sunday's WWE pay-per-view, however. Oh, well, at least I did have (very high up) tickets.
After that, I went over my friend Tamara's house. We were celebrating Yolandalyn's birthday. There was fun, drinking, silly conversations, and recordings for Youtube. Check me out:
Oh, yeah, questionable language (by others). Not work safe.

I had fun, but they started drinking, and I was tired, so I left and called it a day.


I had a meeting about a film with Timm Scalita, Chris Byers, and Duane. He wanted us to meet with the young actress and her father to show that we are professionals and serious about this. Jon "Sparky" Sparks ( is also in the film, and he came by. R.C. Knight of Knight Entertainment is working behind the scenes and he was there as well. I also learned that Timm Scalita is putting out a DVD of his short films, including the three that we worked on together. That means amother credit on That's Markus Seaberry, if you want to type it in. It was good to see the old gang, and I am looking forward to working on the film.

After that, I met up with my normal wrestling crew: Denna Greer (What Goes Around), Donovan, Paul "P-Dub" West, "Angry" Nick Jones, Courtney Wright, and Wanda. We all rode to the WWE Unforgiven pay-per-view in Donovan's SUV. It was the first pay-per-view to be in Memphis in eight years. It was cool. Shout out to my cousin Hardy and my former high schol classmate Nathaniel Strickland, who I saw in line outside the Fed Ex Forum. Shout out to Josh, a guy I met at Jordan's Karaoke Bar and Grill, who was also in line. It was pretty fun. I hope they come again next year.


I have finished Pulp Fiction. I am now watching it with the Trivia Facts on. I will then watch the rest of the Special Features. I always do that with DVDS. I am also filming Jonathan Postal's student film. Hopefully, everything will go well. Be easy, readers!!


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