Saturday, July 16, 2005

Auditions and Rehearsals

Yesterday I had an audition for this cool movie where a grim reaper tries to help a newly dead soul safely cross over to the other side. He has to defend him from a Soul Eater. I read for the Grim Reaper, the newly dead soul, and the Soul Eater. The Soul Eater character was so hardcore! I would love to do something like that. I don't want to be a one-trick pony. Look, here's the goofy man! I made some good contacts. I ran into Angela from Third Wheel Date, a film we were both in. We exchanged information. I met this guy who's been to Hollywood. He said that he'd give his info to my manager. I hope to hook up with him in Nashville next week. I'm doing this 48-hour film project. I hope to find time to slip away and meet with him and his manager. Gotta keep hustling. After that, in the same Theatre and Communication Arts Building, I had a meeting concerning Keenon's film. I will play a mentally challenged person. I watched Rain Man and Sling Blade for research. I have to shave. Oh, how I miss my fly goatee! I feel like my mojo is gone. I also have to wear khakis and a tight shirt. The things I do for cinema. Of course, M.Sea would be fly in plaid, baby! Don't doubt me!!!!! I know Arnita(Westwooood!) will give me a hard time, but it's cool, though. I have no movie stuff today. i do believe it's time to support my good friends the Iron Mic Coalition. They will be in concert along with some poetry cats at good ol' Precious Cargo. Time to party!! I have been acting in movies, but now I must take on the role of party animal. Peace.


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