Friday, July 15, 2005

Overdue Props

Okay, my coworkers Robert Taylor and Serbrina Richmond notice that I mention most of the people I hang with on my blog. I rarely mention coworkers or my place of employment. I STILL won't mention my place of employment. I have to have some secrets. But I will mention them. Robert Taylor is a hardworking family man who is a member of Phi Beta Sigma. He 's a very personable, down to earth dude. He is cocky without being offensive, a feat which I am trying to duplicate. He always finds time to listen to my drama, he tells me what he feels, and he doesn't hold back. Sometimes I'm offended, but I appreciate that. He calls me his Little Brother. I consider him my Big Brother. Lately the topic has been women. Robert tells me his views, whether I agree or not. I appreciate realness wherever I can find it. So Robert, big bro, here's to you.
Serbrina Richmond is my Big Sister. She is a loving mother of two and a devoted husband. She is kind, sweet, thoughtful, and very caring. We clicked almost instantly. She also gives me advice and instructs me on things from a woman's point of view. We also like all kinds of music. I love it when she brings the karaoke machine. We cut up!!!! Our rendition of "Don't Look Any Further" rocks! I am very grateful for her presence in my life.
Let me just say thank you to all my coworkers: Cedric Gordon, Dean Friedrich, Daryl Daniels, Glinda King, Gilda, Reta Smith-Terry, J.C. Yepez, Pat Taylor, Barbara Dixon, Dorothy Dukes, and the faculty, staff, and students of this institution. They help make the journey bearable. It's frustrating not being able to do what you love for a living, but with these people around, it doesn't seem so bad. So here's to you, my coworkers. You are my support system, my friends, and encouragers. Some of you listen to my poetry, impressions, characters, and you inspire me. You also let me know when I'm slipping. I love and appreciate you all for that. I pray that I will not be a disappointment and that our bond remains strong, no matter where life takes us. Be easy, peace.


At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Markus!
It is indeed my pleasure to know such an awesome individual as yourself. It's great working with you and to be around you. I hope and pray that all of your dreams and aspirations come true! Continue to be the Markus we've all come to care so deeply about... Lil' Bro!

Serbrina W. Richmond


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