Thursday, July 14, 2005

Too much fun at 2 in the morning

I came to Precious Cargo late. Rod, Domino, and Pat were already there. They had filmed. It was cool, but I got a little defensive when they started talking about me being really funny. I keep trying to tell people that I can do the serious roles. I can be the bad guy. Perhaps, I protested too much. We still tripped out, though. Then, Pat, Rod and I went to the Music building to do some ADR work. That's basically voiceovers for a movie. We will not make the July 15 deadline. I am disappointed, Rod's disappointed. It has always been hard to gather people on this movie. Hopefully, Spin Cycle will be better. We went over Domino's house. We couldn't shoot the scene, though. Rod still shot us bullcrapping and taking shots at each other. Domino's crazy. He thinks I'm crazy, too. His philosophies, particularly on women, are brutally honest, yet understandable. Pat gives me hell because I'm a little sensitive, but he's a cool brother. I've built with these cats and it has been more than just movies. So, a blog shut out to Rod, Pat, and Domino. I've known Rod ten years, so I know we'll be cool. Pat and Domino, I appreciate the advice. Hopefully, we can all live out our dreams. Peace.


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