Monday, July 18, 2005

It's the Weekend Recap, Baby!!! Part 1

On Saturday, while at work, the homegirl Arnita (Westwoood!) invited me to a fashion show at her church. It was cool. I dragged my boy Bryan along and he took pictures. He charged them fifty cents a photo. I also met Arnita's parents and saw her family. Cool people. Arnita was great at modeling. She had this green dress with drawstrings in the back. Look at your neighbor and say "Drawstrangs!" I'm sorry, for the literate, that's drawstrings. Drawstrings on sexy dresses rock. After that, I went to a poetry/hip-hop show at Precious Cargo. It was real nice. There were spoken-word poets there. One group, Brotha's Keepa, came with a political song and got the crowd hyped. They were followed by the Mid-South Click, who kinda came on a more street level. It kinda clashed with the previous Black Nationalist leanings of the previous performers. Also, the power went out three times. It always came back on, though. Later, my boys in the Iron Mic Coalition rocked it. Jason Harris did "Size 13s". It's a song about his car. He has regular size 13 rims on his car, nothing flashy. He then did the remix over Mike Jones' "Still Tippin". Then he said, "After I ride, I get hungry". This segued into "Eat Some Chicken" by Fight Club. The whole crowd got hype off that. One dude was tipsy and was dancing the whole night. I confess, I was on the floor, too. Then, Black CaviT performed. They are a poetry/hip-hop group. They rocked it. I told a member that they have got to put out a record. The night ended with everybody freestyling while one of our elders played the drums. I even got on the mic. It was choppy, but so what!!! I don't care!!! Be on the lookout for that M.Sea album. I am developing every day. Watch for it. It was good to vibe abd get reacquainted with people that I hadn't seen in a while. Shout out to Brotha's Keepa, IMC, Black CaviT, Powah, and the true artists in my city. Hustle and Flow is only half the story. That's not the sum total of current Memphis poetry and hip-hop. Go to Precious Cargo. Go to the Hi-Tone or the Complex. Support real artists in this city, people!! Okay, end of sopabox. Stay tuned for the Sunday recap. It gets better! Be easy.


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