Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's the Weekend Recap, Baby!!! Part Dos

I was supposed to finish this yesterday, but I didn't. So sue me!!! On Sunday, Bryan and I played mentally challenged patients in Keenon's film. Angela came through. Latoya, who came to the meeting, also came through. I found out Latoya plays in a rock band. How cool is that? I also built with LaVita who is into all types of music. I had to do some sound work, but not a lot. I was vibing and chilling with everybody. You know, that's the way I do. I am the epitome of a people person. It's cool, though. Bryan said I looked like Steve Urkel on steroids. I came in with my pants hitched up and my shirt buttoned unevenly. I came in pimpin' after I changed into that outfits. I didn't say anything, but I stuck my tongue out a lot. I beat some toy bowling pins and played with a dinosaur. Everybody got into it. It was really neat! After that, I chilled out at Bryan's while he took pictures of the homegirl Arnita (Westwooood!) She took pictures in the dresses she modeled before she had to give them back. She wore the green one again. The drawstrangs!! I was the prop man and scene setter. I also sang some Luther to set the mood. After she left, Bryan and I went over our boy Shomari's house to watch some wrestling. I ate a lot of chicken wings. A lot. After that, we rolled home. A good weekend. I will be in Nashville this coming weekend. The adventures will continue. Be easy.


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