Friday, September 16, 2005

Going to School

Yesterday, my friend Bryan and I went to the great Red West acting class for the first time. I knew some of the regulars from the Indie Memphis scene. Forrest Pruett, Lauryn Shepard, and Travis Stone. Travis Stone is in Delusions, a film by Robert Saba. He has also recently joined the cast of Just the Two of Us, which is Keenon Nikita's film. Travis and Forrest were acting out a scene from Somersby. During one reading, they began using ghetto slang and humorous profanities. Travis and Forrest also shined during improv. Bryan and I did a scene from Hustle and Flow. Even in acting class, I can't escape that movie. I was Isaac Hayes' character, Arnel. Bryan was D. Jay. We were okay. I msut memorize that by next week. Forrest is starting a new talent agency called Actors First. They are trying to get actors considered for industrial and
commercial jobs as opposed to models. I must rework my resume and headshot and pass those on to him. It's ironic, though. I start getting off at 6Pm, and I haven't filmed anything all week. I will start on John Fuess' great film Mail Call. I am one of the four main characters (Yay!). I play a board game geek named Willie who narrates. John also plane to take me to the factory where 40k is made. I'm doing research. I'm such a serious actor. Tomorrow night, we shoot at the house in Westwood (again, the city, not my nickname for Arnita). We should film Keenon and Travis' fight scene. This should be good. Keenon and Travis are polished vets. I'll be holding the mic and soaking up the knowledge. Be easy, dear readers. Follow your dreams.


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