Monday, September 19, 2005

Once Again..a Weekend recap

Okay, Saturday I began filming on John Fuess' film Mail Call. We filmed at the Cooper Young Festival. I only shot for a few minutes. I talked to Glen Ring, who is also in the movie. I ran into Carole Rowland, another Indie Memphis regular, and directed her to John. I ran into people from my work, and I ran into my good friend Ennis Newman. He's a rapper and producer. His crew is the Iron Mic Coalition. Check them out at I saw the great band Will Graves and Soul perform. You can check them out at They did a lot of old songs, like Ray Charles' "It's All Right". They also did Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground". They closed their set with the Golden Girls theme song "Thank You For Being a Friend", and the Good Times theme song. As a child of the 80s, I thought that was hot. I ran into several of my acting friends: John Sparks (, Arnold Edwards (AE2), Dayna Hinkel (Fayette County! What!), Aaron Jones, and Ashley Davis. I then broke oout to the library, met up with Rod Pitts and started work on Keenon's film. We were in Westwood (again, the city, not my nickname for Arnita) and shot more scenes at the party. The brilliant actor travis Stone assumed the role of Keenon's brother. He blew me away. This man can act! I want to be like him when I grow up! He was intense and focused. The scuffle between him and Keenon was great. I can't give away details. You just have to see Just the Two of Us when it premieres in the Memphis area or at a film festival near you. Sunday, our shoot was cancelled. Keenon and Rod edited; I hung out with my friends and watched wrestling. I miss my non-actor friends. I have to keep that balance. Today I think we have a production meeting on Keenon's film. We are in the home stretch. Oh, yeah, check out my man Rod Pitts' site. It is I have a page, and so does Ms. Arnita Williams. Pittstop Productions, baby! The future of filmmaking. We're not playing this year. We have a solid team. There's no stopping us now. Be easy, readers. Live your dreams.


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