Monday, October 10, 2005

Hard Decision

I read the script to the aforementioned horror movie and I decided not to do it. I think I may be in danger of doing too much. I really need to slow down and realize that I can't be in everything. Filming may be my drug. It's certainly addictive. Of course, the last film that I turned down (Stories From the Black Hair Dialogue) actually got finished. I chose to go with a better role in Third Wheel Date, and it was postponed. It's hard to tell, but you've got to go with your gut. Yeah, it would've been nice to be in a finished feature film, but I have to go with what feels right. I can't just take every role just to be out there. Also, I have got to start on my own work. I can't be in every movie, no matter how hard I have tried. I have got to find a balance. Maybe next year, because I still have a lot of productions. Be easy, readers.


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