Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hunger for More

I hate days when we do not film. I just have to keep busy, man. This inactivity is getting the better of me. I need something to take my mind off the loneliness and the frustrations from my day job. Also, I am trying not to focus on the fact that none of the movies that I am in are finished, so, no Indie Memphis exposure for me. I am pissed about that. I can only hope that next year will be big for me. Oh, well, there's still the Memphis International Film Festival to hope for. Hopefully, we'll film tonight. Oh, yeah, check out www.chaptersthemovie.com . It is an urban tale that is hip-hop inspired. I also notice that Krissi Cain is in it. She is currently lighting up the stage in a production of Aida at Playhouse on the Square and she is a member of the cast for the next great Pittstop Productions feature, Spin Cycle. I hope to be a part of these guys' next project. Oh ,well, it's a short one today. Be easy, readers.


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