Monday, October 10, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up

As I sit at my office desk, I am weary from the events of this past weekend. Everybody says I take on too many projects, but they don't understand the feeling I feel when I am filming. I feel so free, and I have been unable to replicate that feeling in real life. Does that make me obsessed? Possibly. Enough philosophy, I know my readers want to know what crazy cinema exploits I had over the weekend. OK, here goes:

On Friday, Rod and I worked on Keenon's film Just The Two of Us. It took us about an hour to get the girl playing the younger Ashely (Hannah) to say "Don't cry, daddy, it's Christmas". Gotta love the kids. I believe that children are the future...just not in any of the damn movies that I'm directing in the future. Children will be on my set no more than two hours total. I will give them ice cream and return them to their parents and run off in the other direction. Everything they say about kids and pets...Oh, it's true! It's damn true!

Saturday, I met with Mark Jones. He offered me the part of Clark in Fraternity Massacre on Hell Island. The movie starts filming next month on Mud Island. That's hot! I would film in the middle of November. My character, Clark, has about four lines, but he is in a few scenes in the background. I've never done a horror film. This is cool. I must read the script. I hollered at Rod for a second afterwards, then I went to a very cool r&b showcase with lots of up and coming talent. Get to know the name Paul West as a producer. He's awesome, and he's my friend, so I am biased. The man has talent, though. Also, get to know the name Thomas Spurlock. He's a part of my musical family which I can't name yet, but when we come, look out! I also met a filmmaker named Deaara. She directed a film called The Forgotten Ones. We exchanged numbers because she is working on a new project. I will definitely be at that audition and let my people know. I also met an inspirational singer named Radiance. She will also be added to my e-mail list. It's all about community, people! My night ended at Denny's on Union hanging with Paul West, his girl Denna, and the rest of my "wrestling" crew.

Sunday, I started work in Bevan Bell's Divine Manipulation of the Threads. I played a thug. Those who know me may doubt my abilities to be a convincing thug, but check my outfit: A 4X white tee and fitted white cap with no logo(Thanks, Foot Locker outlet), a big cross (Thanks, big bro), baggy jeans and Nikes. I was thugged out, maine! Maine, what! Okay, let me calm down. I signed another darn confidentiality agreement, so I can't say anything, but I did meet this guy named Jovan who will be in the next Pittstop Production, Spin Cycle. Cool dude. He's on the e-mail list. Gotta make contacts, people. Let's help each other come up. I also met Nick Burchett, who is another filmmaker in this town. His film, Chapters, will be shown at Muvico soon. OF COURSE, I gave him my information. Hope to work with that dude soon. I also did scenes with the infamous Muck Sticky, everybody's favorite vulgar rapper and Indie Memphis regular. Check him out at We will continue to film in the weeks to come. I congratulated Bevan on his Black Snake Moan experience and I shared mine. Yes, I'm still happy about it, and I'm not ashamed. Okay, maybe a little. Later, Rod and I were scouting locations for April Hale's secret project which I must be a part of. Can't say any more about that. Later, I reunited with my "wrestling" crew at my friend Shomari's house. We watched a wrestling pay-per-view. Good times, people. Hopefully, I will do sound and lighting on Keenon's film tonight. We're getting close to the end. Hopefully, within the next few months, Just the Two of Us will wrap, What Goes Around will get edited, and Spin Cycle will begin. I just want to finish a project. I want to go to a wrap party. I want to attend a screening of a finished film. I have yet to share these experiences. Lord willing, it will happen soon. I must love this, cause I've only gotten paid once so far. I won't give up, though. This is my dream. Be easy, readers.


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