Friday, October 07, 2005

Looking Ahead

I am at work, my boss is away, and 112's self-titled debut is playing in the background. I'm feeling good. Got reacqainted with a guy named Sean Lasley yesterday. He works at Spin Street on Poplar. We chilled, discussed music, mainly hip-hop, and he said that he's been working on a script. I will have him meet up with Rod Pitts soon. Gotta come together, people. Also, I hear that everybody's working on scripts. Arnita, April Hale (Just The Two of Us), and Rod's friend Shantriece. I gotta get Bryan, my man Fowler, and Ken Hill together. Our project, which will henceforth be known as the ABS Project, must come to fruition. Rod says that I will be left out. Markus Seaberry doesn't get left out! I will get on that today. Today, I should do sound and lighting on Keenon's film. Tomorrow, the meeting about Fraternity Massacre on Hell Island and my friend Paul West's R&B showcase at the Center for Southern Folklore, 119 S. Main, at 7:30 (shameless plug). Then, Sunday is Divine Manipulation of the Threads. I will be the best thug ever! Wow, I never thought I'd type that sentence. Man, I love being on set. It can be big-budget like Black Snake Moan or indie like Just The Two of Us. I have to create. It is essential to my life. Be easy, readers. Live your dreams.


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