Thursday, July 13, 2006

Filming at Adams Courthouse yet again.

Yesterday, Rod Pitts ( and I assisted Vincent Moore (Just the Two of Us) in filming A Cop, A Snitch and a Stripper Named Shane. I helped out there and there. Erica Hines (Divine Manipulations, Delusions) was in the courtroom scene at Adams Courthouse, as was Cherina Black, who is the female lead, Shane. Keenon Nikita (Just the Two of Us, Poor and Hungry) was also assisting Vince. Madeleine Rogers, who is currently in Theatreworks' production of The Story, played the judge. Madeleine did a great job. As soon as Rod got on the camera, you could see his mind at work. The man loves filmmaking. I got a feelig of deja vu because last July (check the archives), Rod, Vince, Fred Mans (the soundman), Keenon and myself were filming in Adams Courthouse, albeit for Just the Two of Us. It was a very successful day of filming.
Afterwards, Rod and I went to Kroger, and I have to say this: Was yesterday National Take Yo' Bad-Ass Kid to the Kroger in Poplar Plaza Day or something? I did not enjoy the crumbsnatchers running all through Kroger. some of them were kicking balls. What happened to bedtimes on weekdays for our children, people?
After that, Rod, Keenon, Vince, and myself watched the dailies at Keenon's house. It looked good. So far, everybody's on the same page and we're making good progress. I pray that the positive spirit continues. Today, we're at it again. Be easy, readers.


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