Saturday, July 08, 2006

More Karaoke, Still No Filming

The no filming drought continues. Shout out to Arnita Williams (What Goes Around, The Tank), who shot a scene for In an Instant yesterday. It was at 3 PM, and a brotha was still at work. Shout out to Learyn Wilde (Survivor, Across the River) and anybody else I knew at the shoot yesterday.
As for me, I went to Perkins last night for dinner. Shout out to the manager who gave me the coupon for 20% off my entire meal. You rock!!! She just gave them out to people. That was the business, for real!!!

After Perkins, I wandered guessed it, Jordan's Karaoke Bar. Feeling a need to redeem myself after last night's Luther Vandross debacle (my apologies to his family, friends, and fans), I bonced back with a soulful rendition of Barry White's "Practice What You Preach". Ironically, a girl who billed herself as Miss Tina wanted me to accompany her in a Luther Vandross duet, like "If This World Were Mine". I declined, because I don't really know the words to his duets. I was able to squeeze in one more song before the night concluded. My last number was "When Doves Cry" by Prince. I did pretty good on that one. Shout out to the guy that did Clarence Carter's "Strokin". Now that was funny!

Maybe I'll go back tonight. Again, the schedule is very loose these days. Be easy, readers.


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