Friday, September 23, 2005

Filming at Keenon's house...again!

Man, it felt good to film last night! I hadn't filmed since Saturday! We filmed Selina, who plays Keenon's daughter as a preteen. It was pretty cool. We also have new lighting people. Victoria, who goes by the name Vi, her sister, Quita, and Rita. I am glad to be free of lighting responsibilities, even if only partially. Now it's all about me and the sound, baby! Rod had me freestyle shortly after I came in. I was having breath control problems. I still rocked, though. It was a pretty chill shoot. We filmed Selina and Keenon's pity party. It involved ice cream and pizza, and I resisted everything but Selina's Devil Food cakes. I know I'm still losing weight, but she insisted. Can't refuse the children, right? After they left, we also filmed more footage pertaining to the beginning of the movie. I can't give it away, but the movie starts with a crazy scene that Keenon says happened to him in real life. Rod, Keenon, and I also chit-chatted about love. Keenon and Rod are very realistic about the ugly side of love. They depressed me a little, but I stll cling to my idealistic vision of Mrs. Right. Okay, I'd settle for Ms. Kinda Okay at this point, a brother's lonely! Rod also worked on a beat on Keenon's computer and I tried to freestyle again. Rod will have to have a track on my album if he keeps this up. Overall, the mood was cool, everybody was in good spirits, and I needed it. I don't know if we'll shoot tonight, but I think we plan to shoot Saturday morning. I won't be able to shoot Saturday night because I plan to be with my family on Saturday. My Great-Aunt Winnie died. I'm a little messed up, but she was 100. I'm glad she's with God. After Saturday, I'm gonna definitely need to film again. I plan to be an extra in Grim Sweeper on Sunday, then possibly back on Keenon's film. It's like when I'm sad, I have to create more. There will be a weekend recap...of course. Be easy, readers. Peace.


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