Tuesday, September 27, 2005

For the Summer '05: The Movie Hustle

I had a crazy summer, I met a lot of different people and had some crazy experiences. Being a writer, I had to do more than just blog. I had to find a creative way to document my summer. I hope you enjoy it. Here it goes.

For the Summer '05:
The Movie Hustle

Dear Summer, you came and went so fast
In the back of my mind, I knew you wouldn't last
There were times when I felt truly alive,
Other times consumed by ambition and drive.
The hustle became everything, sacrificed it all,
Tried to be in every audition and casting call.
My goal was to be the mercenary of Indie Memphis,
Film became my release from my mundane existence.
Losing sleep, I told myself I'd rest in December,
The summer's hot, but things'll cool down in winter.

Working on six projects at different times, I love cinema, that's clear.
The crazy part is, I started two of the movies last year.
Worked on Among Saints and Sinners ,met the Indie Memphis clique.
Little did I know they'd become my new crew so quick.
Worked on Third Wheel Date, overnights at the Bartlett 10,
But after two weeks of working, we never filmed again.
Hooked up with Rod Pitts again, back on What Goes Around,
He told me of Keenon Nikita and Just The Two of Us, made sure I was down.
Met up with Brandon Hutchison, back on Dollars and Signs,
To get into the screening, I moaned and whined.
Brandon said it wasn't finished, but I had to see my work.
Sorry, BH, I was really a jerk.
I auditioned for Black Snake Moan, I gave it my all.
Right now, I'm just hoping for an extra call.
Got on John Fuess' film, so far, it's been a blast.
But it's another goofy character, man, I'm getting typecast.
Worked with Robert Saba again, was an extra on Delusions,
Got bumped up to a speaking role, yo rob, thanks for the inclusion.
Hopefully, Tommy Kha and Bevan Bell's films are my next projects,
A dark comedy and a heist film, not sure what to expect.

Props to Pittstop Productions, Rod and Arnita hold me down,
Hope Keenon Nikita liked my acting and my work with the sound.
To my Cowboy Up Crew, Arnold Dayna, Tommy, and Jarrod, ya'll my peeps,
Tiffany Pemberton, I'll see you in...like a week!
Bryan, Eli, Lavita, Aaron and Ashley, my favorite costars,
You cats are talented and raise the bar.
When it come to acting news, John Sparks has the latest,
You're the coolest, Sparky, and your blog's the greatest.
To all the actors, directors, producers, and crews,
Thanks for allowing me to do what I do.
There were crazy ups and downs, some things I regret,
But overall, Summer '05 was my best one yet.
Indie Memphis rules!


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