Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Open-Mic Scene

We filmed at Zinnie's on Keenon's film yesterday. I had tried to convince him to let me wear a hat and a coat and perform some of my poetry. You know a brother carry the notebook of poetry and rhymes everywhere! Keenon said my look was too distinctive from when I played a mentally challenged patient. Curses! It was a pretty good shoot. One guy freestyled some poetry, but he had to do another one because it was a bit...sexually suggestive. His next one was...cute. Then, this guy came in off the street. His name was Sydney. He stuttered, but he wanted to perform for us. He did this great gospel rap. He did the verses and the chorus and he made the beat on his chest. That dude has GOT to be on our soundtrack. I also met this director named Michael Taylor. He is very opinionated, but focused. I gave him one of the cards that Rod made for me (Thanks, RP!). Hopefully, he'll give me a call.

In other news, my man Scott Lynn sent me a poem this morning. It was hot. He is a rapper/student from Philadelphia. His song, "No Never" should be in the closing credits of What Goes Around. I am also lobbying for his song "Baby Steps" to be in Keenon's film. He has an album called The Process that is hot! He used to be a student at the U of M. Rod also wants to shoot a video whenever he comes back into town. I wish I could give you a link to hear his music, but, unfortunately, I don't have it. I just feel good about my friends and the work that they are doing. I know my boy Scott will continue to make great hip-hop albums, Rod and Arnita will make great movies, Ken will write a great children's book, and I will do my thing as well. Let's get money and live our dream, people. Be easy.


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